Airsoft vs Paintball Which is Better?

Airsoft vs Paintball

Paintball or airsoft ? This is a difficult decision to make. Why? This is because they are both interesting, fun and challenging games. They are military or combat types of games played either for fun,competition or used for military training. Choosing either, is a personal decision based on interest, expense or hobby. However, it is important to know the similarities and difference that exist between the two games.    


Airsoft and paintballs are both military types of games. They involve shooting and elimination of players. In both, players are eliminated or termed death once they are hit by the projectile.   

 In both, field covers like trenches and terrains are important. They are used by players to tactically hide from the opponent.   

 In both games, accuracy is the key. To emerge the winner, the player’s skills to target the opponent matter a lot.  Rather than skills, safety precautions are essential in both games. To prevent injuries,heavy clothes, goggles and face masks are recommended.    


These games differ right from the origin. Paintball originated in United State in the year 1981. Air soft on the other hand, originated in Japan in the year 1970.    

Airsoft is a more realistic military game compared to paintball. Airsoft uses guns with realistic plastic pellets that look like the real gun bullets. The players in this game,wear military jerseys and combat boots. Paintball game is more of sport aesthetic than reality. It involve dyed capsule that break upon impact. These capsules are so different to bullets. Unlike airsoft players, paintball players wear coloured and vibrant jerseys. This diverts the viewers from a military set up.   


Both airsoft and paintball use weapons or guns to propel projectiles at the supposed enemy. However, these guns are different. Airsoft use high power guns powered by springs or charged batteries to propel plastic pellets to the opponent. Contrary, paintball uses low power markers powered by gravity or compressed carbon dioxide to shoot.    


Both airsoft and paintball use projectiles to hit and eliminate the targeted opponent. However, airsoft projectiles are tiny plastic pellets that look similar to bullets. Paintball projectiles are spherical gelatin capsules that are filled with either dye or oil.    

Airsoft projectiles are hard plastics that do not break upon hitting the targeted opponent. On the other hand, paintball use dye filled paintball capsules projectiles, that break immediately upon hitting the opponent. They leave a mark on the shot member.    

The tiny pellets in airsoft are less heavy. They have a faster velocity speed and suitable to shoot at a long distance range of 230 feet and above. These pellets, also known as BBs, weigh an average of 6 mm to 8 mm. Paintballs are much heavier than BBs and fit to play only at a close range of not more than 120 feet.    

Since paintball are heavy and played at a close range, it’s impact is more painful than airsoft. While playing paintball, hard and heavy jerseys are recommended.    


Air soft guns are way cheaper than paintballs. They are powered by ordinary springs, rechargeable batteries or gas. Paintball are expensive as they use compressed carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas that are hard and expensive to acquire.    


There is always an interesting argument on the ability to cheat in airsoft and paintball games. As perceived by many, it is harder to cheat in paintball than airsoft. Why? Paintball uses spherical gelatin capsules that break upon hitting the opponent, leaving a visible mark that is easy to detect and eliminate. Contrary to airsoft, there is no detection mark. Elimination in airsoft relies on honesty.  


There are several types of airsoft and paintball games. These games are classified on methods and means of playing. Below is a list of games with similar and different titles but same method of playing. 


Elimination is the simplest and commonly played paintball game. The game involves elimination of members that are hit and marked by the dyed capsule. Team deathmatch is also the easiest and commonly played type of airsoft game. The game involves hitting the opponent with a bullet – like pellet, forcing him or her to act dead. The dead member is then eliminated from the game.   


Did you know that capture the flag is a mutual type of game in paintball and airsoft? This game entails two team of players. Each team’s objective is to capture the flag from the other team and add it to their team to gain scores.    


The president is a commonly played type of game in both airsoft and paintball. In paintball, each team has a president as the main character. Along the president, each team has bodyguards. The objective of this game is to eliminate the other team’s president. Unlike paintball, airsoft has one president, a team of his bodyguards and a team of his assassins. In this game,the assassins play against the bodyguard. There are two main objectives. The bodyguards emerge the winner once they protect and escort the president to his destination successfully. On the other hand,the assassins emerge the winner once they manage to kill the president.    


Despite different titles, these two games are played the same. The bomb is a paintball type of game that involves placing a box of bomb on the field. The teams are then required to fight against each other and take the box. The team that takes the box emerge the winner. Treasure hunt is an airsoft type of game that involves placing the treasure box in the field, as the team’s fight against each other to take the box.    

As seen, paintball and airsoft have both similarities and differences. However, they are both fun and exciting games to play. If you are a paintball fun, it is also important to try air sport. U will love it. This applies to all air sport enthusiasts. To new players, if you are looking forward to start playing, do not rule out one. It is important to try both of the games.

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