Top 10 Best Airsoft Brands list.

Best Airsoft Brands

Airsoft brands are manufacturing companies that manufacture airsoft products like guns, Jerseys and projectiles. More often than not, ranking of these brands is based on type and quality of air soft guns they manufacture. There are multiple airsoft brands in the market today. The question is which are the best airsoft brands? We have done a thorough research on this, and below is our top ten best airsoft brands.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Brands Ever!  


During our research, we came across this airsoft brand in Japanese. Airsoft is well known to have originated in Japan in the year 1970. This makes Tokyo Marui the best ranked and trusted airsoft brand. It is among the oldest, famous and best reviewed brand, known for designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable, long lasting and authentic air soft guns in the market. As a result of the strict airsoft rules and regulations in Japan, this brand produces partly metallic guns with plastic internals. Despite, their guns are accurate with high shooting power. They produce guns with original gearboxes that are easily upgraded. They design bullet - like pellets making it look like a real military gun. Tokyo marui manufactures spring, gas and electrical powered guns suitable for all type of players.    


This is another top ranked and high end airsoft brand in Taiwanese. This brand manufactures durable, reliable, high quality AEG and full metal airsoft guns. They innovate their guns with original trademarks and gearboxes, easy to maintain, repair, modify and upgrade. ICS pack their guns along with all important accessories like magazines, batteries and chargers.   



This is a famous and high end airsoft brand in Asia. It is known for manufacturing strong, reliable, authentic and full metal electric powered guns. They pack their guns along with magazines, chargers and batteries. They have several models of guns like M4s and AKY4s among others. These models have high quality internals, strong gearboxes and accurate shooting power.    


This is a China based airsoft brand that design innovative and most affordable airsoft guns. These guns are also reliable, durable and easy to operate and carry around. They produce several models of guns with full metal body, high end internals and reliable gearboxes that are easy to upgrade.    


This is another top ranked and high end airsoft brand. This brand uses optical and computer technology to design real looking airsoft guns. They design steel bodied guns with powerful gearboxes. Most of their guns are electrically powered. Their common models are Max, M90 and Super Max.    

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It is a high end brand in Taiwan. This brand manufactures well performing and realistic guns with strong and durable ABs. Their models are metal coated with strong internals, bad ass design, and powerful gearboxes that are easy to modify.    


Based in Hong Kong, this is a high end airsoft brand that produces strong, reliable and bad ass designed guns. It is a famous and experienced brand known for producing high quality AEGs weapons. Their weapons are steel coated and look like real guns. This brand also manufactures short and gas powered guns that are best for new players.    

8. A and K AIRSOFT BRAND.    

Found in Japan, this brand is well known for producing high quality AEG weapons that are fully coated by metallic steel. Their weapons are durable, reliable, accurate and upgradable. This brand packs their weapons along with all the required accessories.    


This is a serious and well ranked airsoft brand that produces high quality replica airsoft weapons. their weapons are real looking and mostly used in military trainings. This brand innovate their guns perfectly along with 2 GX mechbox and a reliable blowback system, that increases the weapon's accuracy and reliability. They use high technology LiPo batteries to power their guns. Their models have high quality gearboxes, metal body and strong metallic internal. Most of their weapons have high shooting power with a shooting range of over 400 FPs.    


This is a German airsoft brand that manufactures high quality and unique model guns. Their guns are steel coated, with strong internals and powerful gearboxes that are easy to modify. Rather than electrical guns, these brands also manufacture gas and spring powered guns that are suitable for entry level.    

Airsoft brand plays a huge role in determining the outcome of the game. This is because poor products are not reliable and always disappoint. It is therefore important to purchase products from the best airsoft brands.

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