Top 10 Best Airsoft Gun Reviews 2019 – [The Ultimate Guide]

Airsoft guns are weapons which are used in sports. These types of guns are of a special type and how they are equipped is what makes them explicit. The guns are designed to shoot non-metallic objects which are referred to as BBs. Airsoft guns are not very dangerous since the pellets are made of rubber and plastic hence causing less harm. 

best airsoft gun

Best Airsoft Gun 2019 - Top 3 Choice 

Best choice

Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol

best value

FN Soft Air Scar

In this article, a list of guns has been compiled to bring out the different types of top 10 Airsoft guns and discussed in length. Some of the best Airsoft guns in 2019 have also been listed below. This article also includes a buying guide and various FAQs to help one more acquaint with some of the most asked questions about the Airsoft guns reviews. The pros and cons of every type of gun have also been discussed, and this will greatly help when one is choosing the good airsoft gun for himself. Additionally, the major features of the different Airsoft guns have also been listed below.

top 10 airsoft guns 2019 - Comparison Table






Buy now

Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol

Rifle - 310 fps

Pistol -200 fps

Both - .12g 

3 lbs

Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle

325 fps


2 lbs

Walther ppq spring airsoft pistol with kit

300 fps


Fires- 6mm

1.5 lbs

FN Soft Air Scar

260 fps


4 lbs

BBTac BT-1911A1 Spring Airsoft Pistol

250 fps


Fires- 6mm

0.8 lbs

Glock Gen 3 G19 .177 Caliber Steel Bb Pistol

410 fps


.177 Cal. 

1.60 lbs

11 Airsoft Gun P2338 Sniper Rifle Package



120 fps



1 lbs

Game Face ASRGTH GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun

320 fps



5 lbs

Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit with 2500 BB's

355/162 fps

180/70 BBs

1.6/0.348 lbs

Umarex XBG 2254804 Air Gun Pistol

410 fps

12g capsule 

.177 cal.

1.2 lbs

Top Airsoft Guns Reviews 2019 

1. Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol– Best cheap airsoft guns.

This is an amazing gun, and we are sure it is worth its price. The rifled gun is light in weight and so far, has been easy to use. And guess what this spring powered Colt M4 RIS Rifle comes with a flashlight which works well and adds to the fun in the dark. A rifle is light, accurate and fast. We tried it, and it could shoot some really powerful shots. Some could even go through cardboard boxes. The Spring Pistol in this combo too is fine. It looks a bit low on quality but works fine as a back-up gun. It is a bit difficult to cock the pistol, which takes a while especially for a kid, but on the whole, it works fine. It is not battery operated, so that's a relief. As a combo, these guns are perfect; the kids may love it and thoroughly enjoy a game of combat. We found it safe for kids, but parental control is always advised.


  • Rifle and Pistol both are accurate
  • Amazing flashlight
  • Comes with foregrip
  • Fast Loading
  • Good quality stock


  • Rifle magazine is hard to remove and insert.
  • Needs to be cocked for each shot.

2. Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle – Best Rated Airsoft Guns.

We had this product in mind. Finally, we got our hands on it. It definitely seems like value for money. Accuracy wise it is outstanding. It is hard to call it a toy as the feel of it is super real. The most amusing part of this gun is its red dot sight, which makes it perfect for shooting. It is a good gun; it looks great too. We definitely underestimated this gun; it is a powerhouse for an amazing shooting experience. This Rifle is spring powered with a folding stock and has removable flip-up sights. It is fortunately not battery operated, so that is good as it saves us the trouble of charging it every time. The accuracy of the flip-up sights is good enough, even for a wide range hit. What adds to the fun is the ability to mount a laser or camera or a flashlight on it, which makes shooting livelier. And the best part is the stock can be easily folded for better storage space. The magazine holds 350 Airsoft bullets. The quality of this gun is exceptional, and the finish is ok. We’re expecting the gun to be big; however, it is smaller than expected. Personally, we like the mag design. Overall, we can say it is a good gun.


  • Hard Shooting
  • Very accurate
  • Easy storage with folding stock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sold and well-built gun
  • Adjustable Hop-up


  • Made of very flimsy material
  • No return policy
  • Plastic Interior

3. Walther ppq spring airsoft pistol kit with accessories

The first impression of this product is very realistic. This gun came built in with two 15-shot magazines with an 85 round reservoir and a built-in hop-up as well. We found, unlike any other pistol, the threaded compensator here is quick and easily detachable. Yes, this is spring powered, and so it needs to be loaded after every shot. But that's fine. What amused me most is its silencer. When we tried it, it gave a feeling of accuracy. It is surely a reliable pistol with two magazines having a large capacity. One shot can sting you for a couple of days; it’s that strong and powerful.  This gun is made with a lot of detail. So far, we can say it's a good gun with fewer problems and very durable.


  • Side locking ability
  • Made of good hard plastic.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely powerful and reliable product.
  • Spring powered


  • Lacks in weight
  • Cocking it each time made it difficult to use.
  • The slide is too slippery

4. FN Soft Air Scar – Best Budget Airsoft guns.

We simply adore this electric spring powered gun. It is full-size air rifle and a perfect choice for Airsoft gaming with a 200 BB capacity magazine. We loved the fact that it is made of durable polymer and plastic and looks so realistic. We guess we can rest assured it will be long-lasting. We found it is brilliantly constructed with some premium features included too. Like a folding stock, which is rare in this range of rifles? The AA battery works decently on a single recharge. The best part is the switch feature which allowed me to operate the gun in two modes, either a fully-automatic or a semi-automatic. The front handle grip seems strong. So far, it has had an effortless trigger, which makes it easy and a pleasure to use. There is a set of foldable front and rear sights that has allowed me to get pretty accurate shots, but they cannot be adjusted. In our experience, we would recommend you use quality ammo for it definitely helps improve accuracy. As recommended, it does have a capacity of 260FPS with .20grams BB's. But, if you are looking to load your magazine, wait! In this rifle, you have to load your ammo or bullets from the top, which is right below the scope. Hilariously, the magazine is actually the battery in disguise. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with this Airsoft rifle and its accuracy.


  • Both as a semi or fully automatic mode
  • Light in weight
  • Folding stock
  • Durable polymer and plastic
  • Highly accurate shots


  • Cannot adjust the sights
  • Magazine is a battery in disguise
  • Top loading ammo.

5. BBTac BT-1911A1 Spring Airsoft Pistol - Best Airsoft Guns for beginners.

Well, it is plastic, alright. We imagined it to be of lower quality but were pleasantly surprised. The internal parts and inner barrel are possibly metal. It is a spring Airsoft, so you have to cock it every time you need to take a shot. Loading the gun by pulling the slide is a bit of a task, but we figured that pulling back the hammer made it easier. It is a little big for my kid’s small hands that are a bummer. It has a fairly accurate shot; we guess one couldn't ask for more in this price range. Looking at the realistic design, we could assuredly pass this off as the real 1911, although we would have to mask the orange tip at the front. You can use the 6mm plastic BB's of 0.12 grams. Beware! They sting pretty hard. The BB's will not pass your skin, but they will leave you startled for a moment. This is one of the best beginner airsoft guns. We would have preferred more magazines, maybe 2 at least but this comes with just one magazine. So far, we may have shot around 300 rounds of BB's, and the gun seems to be doing fine.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight Plastic construction
  • Realistic design.
  • Fairly accurate shots
  • Value for money


  • Fixed Hop-Up
  • Pulling the slide can be tough

6. Glock Gen 3 G19 .177 Caliber Steel Bb Pistol

The quality is alright. The feeling of pulling the trigger is truly something else. The gun is powered by CO2 capsule that is housed in the grip of the gun and uses the round spherical B.Bs. The weapon looks super realistic and has a nice weight to it. It has a 177-calibre steel barrel with a smooth bore and a 16 round capacity magazine. It is a replica of Glock 19, and it looks almost real! It has plenty of power and the same characteristics of a real gun. It gives you the feeling of holding a real weapon. The polymer grip also has a nice texture to it, which makes shooting with it comfortable. One of the best things about this product is it has a weaver rail where you can attach a laser or a flashlight. How awesome? This product is ideal for target practicing. Well, you can even use it simply for fun!


  • Superior quality
  • Fast bullet speed.
  • Metal barrel with a smooth bore
  • Laser or flashlight can be attached
  • CO2 powered


  • Polymer built (Metal would've been better)
  • Cannot be shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  • Only steel BBs can be used

7. 11 Airsoft Gun P2338 Sniper Rifle Package + Shotguns + Pistol + Tec9 SMG + Targets BBS

Product is, and the guns look incredible. I can assure you that it is a complete pro-package. We got the sniper (with bipod), three P338 spring powered pistol, three pump action AR style shotgun, two P1238 Mini SMGs, and two Uzi submachine guns. It also came with a few zombie targets which are fun to shoot and moderately powerful. We were thrilled to see the BBs in the package. You get a few 12 Gram 6mm D.O.A. BBs and some starter packets in each gun. The guns are of good quality and made of polymer just like we expected. All the guns are spring powered. Different weapons are different in sizes, but they all have the same 6mm bore size. We guess all the Airsoft guns come with the same bore size of 6mm. You can form a team with your friends and play right in your backyard. It is just as fun to use this gun and shoot zombie targets alone!


  • A complete package of SMGs, shotguns, AR rifles and pistols.
  • BBs included
  • Zombie targets included.
  • Good shape and size
  • 6mm standard bore size


  • Reasonable quality
  • Meant for kids (About three years old)
  • Spring powered

8. Game Face ASRGTH GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun

Fantastic! This submachine gun adds to your pride when you hold it in and shoot it. The Tommy gun has been my favorite for a long time!  It was used in World War, and all the significant mafia gangs in the US used this. This gun is built to last and is powered by a battery. We are amazed by the drum magazine. It is one of the extraordinary things of this firearm. Once you reload, it will keep going and going! The gun is powered by an 8.4v small type stick battery which can be charged to full in a few minutes. To our surprise, the battery is powerful enough to shoot the BBs up to a sizable distance. Just like the real one, you can switch between semi or fully automatic modes. The gun looks real and feels real when you use it. It is powerful enough to shoot 6mm BBs up to a rate of 320 feet per second. Too fast for a toy gun!


  • Barrel made of metal
  • Drum-type Magazine
  • Battery included
  • 320 feet per second shooting speed


  • Not metal
  • Longer reload time
  • No BBs included

9. Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit with 2500 BB's

We have personally been a fan of shotguns for a long time. This tactical long Shotgun has surprised us to our brim. This product, although not made of metal, is excellent. It far exceeded my imaginations. To add to my bewilderment, we also got a .45 Pistol and as many as 2500 BBs in the package. Both the guns use the same BBs; the Shotgun shoots at a speed of 355 feet per second and can hold up to 180 BBs in its mag. The Pistol, however, can shoot a little slower at 162 feet per second and can hold a smaller number of BBs (70) in its magazine. The guns are powered by the spring and can surely shoot to amaze.


  • Assorted coloured BBs included
  • A combination of two guns
  • Spring powered
  • Weighs almost like a real one
  • High velocity


  • Not metal
  • No extra grips

10. Umarex XBG 2254804 CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Steel BB Air Gun Pistol

We never imagined that a replica gun could be this amazing! The best thing about this product is its metal body and a 19-shot drop free metal magazine for quick reloading. The gunshots at lightning speed of 410 feet per second. It shoots accurately because of the fixed rear and front sights. The danger distance for this gun is a whopping 325 yards, so it is advisable to keep it away from children. It is not meant for people under 18 anyway. Despite a sturdy metal body, the gun is easy to carry due to being lightweight. This design is unique, which makes this gun capable of shooting up to 130 rounds on a single CO2 capsule. Once you have charged the 12-gram CO2 capsule on this double action gun, you can shoot as fast as you can. Last but not least, it also comes with attachment rail where you can attach a laser light or a flashlight.


  • Attachment rail
  • CO2 powered
  • Double action gun
  • Metal body and magazine
  • 410 feet/s


  • Lightweight
  • CO2 capsule

Good Airsoft Guns Buying Guide!

When going to choose an airsoft gun, there are a variety of types and styles that you can choose. When you are new to the airsoft sport, then selecting the right rifle may be a problem for you. This article is meant to help you in coming up with a decision that will ensure that you find a gun that is best suited for you. The popularity of airsoft as a sport has grown over the previous years. It is more like paintball, though it is more realistic. A paintball gun is easy to notice. The paintball rifles have a large hopper as compared to a conventional weapon, and they also have a big air tank. On the other hand, airsoft guns are different as compared to the paintball guns; they are made almost in a similar manner to real firearms.

When you are starting in airsoft sports, you will need to answer several questions. A number of us when growing up, we were used to pellet guns, paintball, or BB guns. Airsoft is more of a combination between the pellet and BB guns, as it allows you to have a nonlethal lightweight round, a small weapon and they do not cause injuries that much. If you have been playing the sport for a long time, then it is highly likely that you have seen and used a variety of guns.

The role you'll be playing is an important factor in determining what type of airsoft gun you should choose. The different roles include; covering fire, support gunner, sniping or just Close Quarter Battle (CBQ). Depending on what role you play, choose the airsoft gun accordingly. Short guns are preferred for close quarter battles so as to easily pop in and out in tight spaces. Snipers use powerful guns and support gunners are usually armed with machine guns. Assault rifle is preferred for those who play the covering fire role.

Spring, gas and electric guns

The run and gun type usually prefer electric guns. If you have a preference for pistols, then it is highly probable that you are more familiar with firearms that are powered with gas. A majority of snipers usually have a choice for spring powered guns. At the end of the day how an airsoft gun is powered does not matter a lot, as the primary function of the weapon is firing plastic or rubber projectiles that are known as BBS. Anyway, with this in mind, the technology used in these airsoft guns is not similar, and this can affect the way you perform in the game.    

There are three types of airsoft guns: spring, electric and gas airsoft guns. The spring airsoft guns make use of spring power to help in propelling the BBS down a gun's barrel. The spring guns are mechanical in that it requires to be cocked back if it is a pistol and if it is a sniper, then it needs to be set with the use of a bolt action. They may be taken as the worst in the game and also as the best all depending on the spring's power. Contrast to airsoft guns that are spring powered which rely on mechanical energy, airsoft guns that are gas powered get their ability from gas to help propel the BB down the barrel. Pistols are the most common guns that are equipped with gas. They generally shoot faster and harder in comparison with the spring powered guns. A majority of gas guns are semi-automatic; however, some models can fire fully automatic. Gases which are typical for airsoft guns are green gas or propane; however, some use CO2 which may be used in both pistols and rifles. The most common firearms that are used in airsoft fields all over the world are electric guns. When you purchase them, you are given a battery charger together with a rechargeable battery. Several electric airsoft guns usually have selective fire capabilities, i.e., the weapon can switch between single fire, semi-automatic and full auto modes.    

Rifle VS Pistol

In the airsoft field, there are only two staples- rifles and pistols. You will notice in gas airsoft guns there are more pistols as compared to rifles. Conversely, when you look at electric guns, there tend to be more rifles as compared to pistols. When coming up with a decision on whether you want to choose a shotgun or rifle, there are some things that you should take into consideration and among them are price, capacity, power, and size. When you look at rifles, they are usually more powerful and more precise. Guns also have a capability of holding and firing more rounds at a single time as compared to pistols. With this in mind, they tend to be more substantial and cumbersome as compared to a gun. Rifles are also more expensive as compared to, and to maneuver with them is not easy.

on the other hand, are smaller in size and hence it is easy to move with it. Pistols are perfect for engaging the targets that are in close quarter battle environments. Although guns tend to have fewer rounds as compared to handguns, they usually make up for this through having a high capacity magazine that gives the user the ability to stay in a fight for much longer. Nevertheless, with regards to a player's skill when matching a rifle and a pistol, the player using a gun will be more disadvantaged. This is so because the gun has more ammunition as compared to the weapon and also has a superior reach. Additionally, the rate of fire of rifles is also higher as compared to pistols as the pistols tend to run out of ammo very fast. When coming up with a decision on whether to go for spring, electric or gas powered airsoft guns, having proper knowledge of the pros and cons of rifles vs pistols will most likely influence your decision.

Like other guns in the market, one has to be careful while dealing with airsoft guns. Even a short weapon can cause harm. Protective gear should be worn before having the guns in your hands. Both Rifle and Pistol come with warranties but the warranties are pretty limited. The price of the weapon varies depending on the type of the gun, the number of accessories and the types of power upgrades involved. Rifles are also more expensive as compared to, and to maneuver with them is not easy. The rate of fire of rifles is also higher compared to pistols. Nonetheless, these rules should be followed when dealing with these guns.

In conclusion, when choosing between electric, spring, or gas powered guns, you need to take into consideration the above written. Take into account your skill level and what are your intentions with the weapon. Electric, gas, and spring guns all have their advantages and disadvantages and depending on the person using the weapon, each of them can be used effectively.


1. Is gas or electric better for Airsoft guns?

The most common guns that are used in airsoft fields all over the world are electric guns. When you purchase them, you are given a battery charger together with a rechargeable battery. A number of airsoft guns that are electric usually have selective fire capabilities, i.e. the gun has the ability to switch between single fire, semi-automatic and full auto modes. The major reason why the electric guns are popular is that they can go up to 500 FPS and over and they look really tactical. In addition, you get to save money when you use a rechargeable battery. Gas airsoft guns are also a good choice but not as good as the electric ones. The speed of gas guns can go up to 400 FPS when you are firing, whereas the gas rifles can go up to 500 FPS. When the environment is cold, gas guns tend to malfunction.

2. What is a good airsoft gun to start with?

The first thing to look at when you want to choose a gun is the cost of the gun. The price range should be on the basis of the amount that you are willing to spend, and also how much you want to be involved in the sport. It is not advisable to spend a lot of money on professional guns if you are still a rookie in the sport. It is good to start with a gun that is cheap then depending on your level of involvement; you can improve to a better one. Pistols are not good for beginners. They may seem so since they are cheaper lighter and easy to use, though they do not give the player the right experience since they have a low ammo count, they are hard to aim with, slow rate of fire and it is hard to aim with them.  The next thing to have in mind is the role you will be playing in the sport: covering fire, support gunner, sniping or just Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Ensure that you are suitable for the role and then go and pick a gun that is suitable for the role

3. How far can Airsoft guns shoot?

Most airsoft guns are capable of shooting a distance of between 200 ft/s up to 410 ft/s. though this is not fixed since it can be adjusted depending on the owner’s willingness to upgrade the gun by buying better internals. With better internals, the average range of the gun may increase up to about 550 ft/s or sometimes even more.  Airsoft sniper rifles are not similar to conventional options. Firstly, they are developed in a way that they get to shoot at a really high FPS. This allows users to get the best range. The barrels of the riffles are long, and this allows the gun holder to have better precision than the owners of smaller guns. Between 100 to 300 yards is the region where most sniper rifles distance is at.

4. Can airsoft guns kill?

According to the design of airsoft guns, they are usually softer in impact as compared to BB or air guns. This is usually the case in both the propulsion and ammunition terms. Simultaneously, airsoft guns have been made in a manner that makes them safe for humans use. The design of airsoft guns is such that they are not able to penetrate the human skin. It is almost impossible for an airsoft weapon to be able to injure or kill any human being serious. Nevertheless, they can cause severe damage or even kill smaller animals when they are hit with speeds of between 300-400 ft/s or greater.

5. Are airsoft guns accurate?

It would be so difficult to say what you would do if you were asked how to improve the accuracy of an airsoft gun. The most common problem with airsoft guns is they are inherently inaccurate compared to real guns. Even the most expensive airsoft guns might not offer you the accuracy to hit a cow’s eye from 100 yards, not even 50 yards. Airsoft guns commonly run out of smooth bore barrels, and there are companies and people that have tried to come up with something different which are not similar to the smooth bore design. Nevertheless, none of them has been able to come up with good results. Every airsoft gun user wants more accuracy and range from their guns. They spend a lot of time making their gear look realistic and accurate and yet they are limited by the accuracy of their rifles.


In conclusion, airsoft guns are what every sports institution needs since they are harmless and are part of recreation. Various FAQs about airsoft guns have answered, and one will surely know what is required of him/her when buying. The gun-type preferred is the electric gas, and this is mostly for the snipers who prefer pistols. The rifled gun is light and very easy to use with a very good flashlight, and this makes it have good quality stock. Also, the electric powered gun is perfect since it has a semi or fully automatic mode, which makes it more explicit.

The best advisable gun for one to buy would be the best airsoft gun with a bipod. It also has three p338 spring powered pistol, three pump action and submachine guns. It's the only disadvantage is that the quality is reasonable and spring powered, but it's the best. Consequently, when one is purchasing these guns, one should be very conscious of the quality and type. The price should also be affordable and also how far the rifle can also go a requirement. The electric airsoft gun will fetch the most money, so be attentive of it when you are buying guns. The electric airsoft gun will shoot numerous BBs in rapid succession. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a small commission on purchases made through our links.

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