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Our team is here to make it easier for you! With our years of experience in this field, we have assembled a list of the top 10 paintball guns on the market in 2018 with latest reviews.


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When you are the First time buyer 

Paintball is just one super fun game. Many people are enthusiastic when it comes to this game because it is a team game so that you can enjoy it with your friends or family. If you are a new player, you probably have noticed that the paintball guns are the most important thing when it comes to playing paintball. There are different paintball guns, so you need to find out the good one for you. This article will clarify the differences between some paintball guns so that you can quickly decide what is the better gun for you. 

Top 10 best Paintball Guns review list

Top 10 best Paintball Guns review

Best paintball guns infographic

Equipment needed for paintball

When it comes to the equipment, the first and the essential thing you need is to look for the gun.

The paintball gun needs to be chosen according to the buyer needs. So this buyer’s guide will be handy for the potential and the current paintball players to learn more about this game.

The equipment and the skills needed and guns on the market to have a pleasant and enjoyable game.

Appropriate Equipment

It does not make a difference if you decide to be a professional player or just a beginner, you will need to make the decision what is the best paintball gun for your needs.

There are many different aspects that you should go through to understand what you need in a paintball gun so that you can easily find the best one for you.

It is essential to have a good paintball gun that will suit your needs.

If you are new in this game, you probably have a lot of questions related to this game or sport and the equipment and also about how to choose the gun for you according to needs.

The buyer guide and the review of some possible best paintball guns for you can help you decide which one is the good paintball gun.

Types of paintball guns

The perfect gun is a crucial element when playing paintball. Before you have a look at the review of the gun, you need to check out the types of guns that are used in performing paintball. The first division refers to mechanical and electronic paintball guns.

Paintball Gun

Professional player or playing paintball just for fun?

Before you decide which gun will be the perfect gun for you, you need to do a little research.

In the beginning, you need to decide what type of player do you want to be – professional or just a player who plays paintball for fun.

Usually, the players who play paintball professionally and consider it to buy an electronic paintball gun and the ones who want to play paintball for recreation and fun choose to buy a mechanical paintball gun.

The decision for the excellent paintball gun also depends on the frequency of playing this game.

If you want to play it more often, you need to consider investing a more significant amount of money in your gun.

For the ones who want to play just several times a year, they can even rent one or go on a lower budget when buying a paintball gun.

How to determine your paintball gun budget?

For the players who want to improve their accuracy, they must take into consideration the fact that they would need to practice more often and that means they will use the paintball gun more often as well.

So, this means they must invest more money when buying their paintball gun.

You can conduct online research, o
r you can visit a paintball equipment store and ask a professional about the paintball gun and the other paintball equipment.

Paintball gun and budget

Key Features of a Mechanical Paintball Gun

  • They are slower and louder compared to the electronic ones.
  • plus
    They do not require electricity.
  • plus
    It is easy to be operated.
  • plus
    It does not include many options and it is great for beginners.
  • plus
    You can wear this paintball gun as a rifle.
  • plus
    You can buy this type of paintball gun if you play paintball just for fun a few times in a year.
  • plus
    It is usually cheaper than the electronic paintball gun.
  • plus
    When it comes to its maintenance – they are really easy to be maintained.
  • plus
    They are easy to use, easy to clean and very reliable.

These characteristics make the mechanical guns among the best guns for many paintball players in the world.

The mechanical paintball guns use CO2 and compressed air.

These two components can be attached to the gun and used to fire the paintball.

Many of the stores which sell paintball guns can refill your tanks for a small amount of money, so this is not a problem for the paintball players.

Some Features of Electronic Paintball Gun

With the development of the technology, the electronic paintball guns appeared.

They can be considered as the latest trend in the paintball world.

Some players think these types of guns like the best paintball guns, but this is not the case for all the players of paintball.

These paintball guns are used by professional paintball players and by players who play paintball more often.

Bullet Points:
  • plus
    Compared to the mechanical ones, the electronic paintball guns are more expensive, but they provide more options than the mechanical ones. At the beginning of the era of these guns, they were so expensive that only the best paintball players and the ones who wanted to play paintball professionally had them. Now, it appears that the price of the electronic ones is reasonable and more players decide that this is the best option for them and invest in a good electronic gun.
  • plus
    Electronic paintball guns fire with the use of a solenoid that is controlled by a circuit board. Most of these guns are powered by a simple 9-volt battery which is very convenient.
  • plus
    Many of these markers come with multiple firing rates that include the popular three round burst and full-auto.
  • plus
    The biggest advantage of this type of paintball gun is that it fires more rapidly and it provides a greater chance for you to be ahead of your competitors.
  • plus
    The electronic guns are also easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Different Types of Tank

The main propellant systems are CO2 and HPA Nitrogen. Both of these tank systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

To learn more about them, we will make a comparison of these two and have a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of both systems.

Price of the Tank

When it comes to the price, the CO2 is cheaper than the HPA Nitrogen.

A tank of CO2 usually costs about $5.

This means the players can enjoy this game for a little amount of money.

CO2 is mostly used tank when paintball is played for recreation, but on the other hand, the HPA Nitrogen is mainly used when paintball tournaments are organized.

Difference Between the Two Propellants

The most considerable difference between these two propellants is the price.

On the other hand, if you decide that the CO2 system would be better for you, you may also consider the cost because of the damage that might be caused to your paintball gun because of the frozen gas.

Gas of Propellants

When you have a paintball gun which operates on CO2 gas, there is a chance that the gun can freeze up because this gas is a freezing gas.

​It happens when the gun is fired very rapidly.

This is not the case with the HPA / Nitrogen. It stays at constant pressure, and it does not freeze up no matter how fast you fire.

Because of this reason, the players who play this game professionally decide to have an HPA / Nitrogen system, especially during tournaments.

No one wants to lose the game because of a frozen system.

Also, the paintball gun can be damaged because of the cold gas, which means you will have some additional costs.

Which Gas Do you prefer CO2 or HPA

Overview of some marker barrels 

In case you are a new player in this game, you may be intrigued why the marker barrels are essential?

When do you decide which one is the best paintball gun for you?

This may seem like additional information for the paintball gun, but after you finish reading this part, you will understand the importance of the marker barrels and the materials they used.

Excellent information is that you can change the barrel of your marker if you are interested in some different stuff for the

Paintball Barrels

Ceramic Paintball Barrel

ceramic paintball barrel

Aluminum Paintball Barrel

Most of the paintball players have decided that the best gun for them is the one that has aluminum barrels.

​The reason for this decision is because the aluminum barrel is very light, so you do not need to worry the weight of your paintball gun and whether you will be able to carry it all the time with you during the game.

Another advantage is that these marker barrels are often cheaper compared to the other types of aluminum barrels.

Aluminum marker barrels can be found easily because most of the players decide that a gun with an aluminum barrel is the best paintball gun for them. 

Aluminum paintball barrel
Best paintball marker Barrel Ever.

They can be found online and in any paintball store.

Anyways, these types of marker barrels have a disadvantage which is that they can bend simply.

So, before making your purchase, you need to consider both, the advantages and the problems of the marker barrel.

Stainless Steel Paintball Barrels

Stainless Steel paintball barrel

These marker barrels are also very popular among the paintball players for many reasons.

Initially, the price is very affordable, so this may be the main reason for the popularity of these marker barrels.

Another reason is their durability.

These marker barrels are reliable, and they can be used for a more extended period.

One of the disadvantages of the stainless steel barrels is their weight.

Compared to the other materials, these barrels are more substantial than the aluminum and the ceramic barrels.

So, the stainless steel barrels are not great for playing competition paintball, but it is perfect for playing paintball as a recreational sport.

Titanium Paintball Barrels

These barrels are solid and durable.

One more great thing about them is that they are very light so they can be used in paintball competitions.

They are very easy for cleaning too.

When it comes to the price, titanium barrels are more expensive compared to the other marker barrels.

So the titanium barrels are a good choice for those players who want to invest more money in finding the best paintball gun for them and also for those players who want to play paintball professionally and more often.

Titanium paintball barrel

Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrels

carbon fiber paintball barrel

Carbon fiber barrels are the best option because they are durable, strong and easy to clean.

These characteristics make the carbon fiber barrels very popular for the paintball players.

On the other hand, the carbon fiber barrels are more massive, so they are avoided from the players who want to play paintball professionally.

Carbon fiber barrels should be taken into consideration by those paintball players who have a bigger budget for a paintball gun.

However, these barrels are a significant investment because they are very durable and strong.

Brass Paintball Barrels

These barrels share almost the same characteristics as the aluminum barrels.

They are very affordable, lightweight and can be carried very easily.

But on the other hand, just like the aluminum barrels, brass barrels may bend under pressure.

Other characteristics to consider when buying the best paintball gun 

Before you decide to play paintball, you need to think whether you want to play this game professionally or just for fun and recreation with your friends and relatives.

If you play paintball for fun, you can invest less money in paintball guns and the other paintball equipment.

Also, you can consider the option to rent a paintball gun or to buy a pre-owned paintball gun.

In case you want to play paintball professionally, you must have a big budget before purchasing the best paintball gun for you and the other equipment.

You must invest in a good paintball gun that is durable, strong, and easy to clean and also very light so that you can carry the paintball gun quickly when having a competition or tournament.

Weight of the gun

The weight of the gun is an essential part to consider when buying the best paintball gun.

First, you need to decide whether you want to play paintball professionally or recreation.

If you decide to play paintball for recreation and fun, you can choose a paintball gun that is heavier.

If you play paintball professionally or if you want to take part in competitions and paintball tournaments, you should buy paintball gun that is lighter so that you can move more easily and hopefully win the tournament or the competition.

Warranty of the gun

When buying the gun make sure you get at least one year warranty.

There might be a case when your paintball gun breaks so you need to have a warranty to save some money on fixing it.

If you get a paintball gun without guarantee (for example, buying a pre-owned gun), you might spend a lot of money on fixing it.

The best paintball gun for you is also the one that feels perfect when you hold it in your hands.

Despite all the characteristics you look for in a paintball gun, you need to think that the particular paintball gun is the best gun for you.

For playing paintball, it takes a lot of practice and a strong interest in the game.

Best paintball gun for the professional players

Best paintball gun for professional players

Paintball can be a fascinating game if you follow the rules and have the right company for the game.

Some people play paintball for entertainment and recreation, but some people take this game seriously and try to become professional paintball players.

If you want to play paintball with your friends or family for entertainment and recreation, you do not need a lot.

A Short Video

You will need the proper equipment for the game, a good paintball gun and willingness to play the game. 

If you want to become a professional paintball player despite the proper equipment you will need to think of a good strategy, you will need to focus on improving your paintball skills such as hiding, pointing, accuracy, shooting, and so on.

All of these paintball skills are important, but according to most players, accuracy is the most important skill when it comes to paintball playing.

And for higher accuracy, you need the best paintball gun.


This paintball buying guide regarding the best paintball guns which can make your decision – making the process easier. In this article, you have learned about the importance of deciding from he beginning whether you want to play this game professionally or just for recreation. On the other hand, you have learned about different types of propellants, the importance of weight and about the different types of materials that marker barrels are usually made of. You can also consider the option of renting or buying a pre-owned paintball gun. There are specific questions you need to give answers to when purchasing the best paintball gun which is provided in this article. Also, there is a review of some guns from the market. Now you're ready to buy the best paintball gun.

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