Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Reviews – Battle Tested [April 2018]

best paintball gun

First of all, you'll agree with me when I say:

It's VERY unlucky to buy sh*tty paintball gun instead of the best paintball guns with the same amount of money.

Or is it? 

Sometimes, people leave their money on the table (for buying nonsense guns), but they have no idea what they are purchasing? But we aren't going to do this with you. Most expensive paintball guns aren't mean that they have all the features that you’re looking for, on the second hand, the cheap paintball guns or cheapest paintball gun doesn’t mean that they have no features like an expensive one. Don’t worry, we just picked top-rated paintball markers from the market, hope you like them 🙂. 

We know that you're looking to buy paintball gun, but before making any purchase, you want to make sure that which one is the right one for you, right? Our aim is to provide the best paintball pistol or gun with awesome quality and excellent buyer rating, and your dream is to pick the good one for your needs and prefered playing style.

Let's dive in

Top Rated Paintball Gun reviews 2018

Empire Axe Paintball Marker

WEIGHT: 3.6 lb​​

COLOR: Dust green

Firing Modes: Semi, PSP Ramping, NXL, & Millennium Ramping.

Grip: Extended and New Grip for Increased Comfort

Barrel: 12 inches

Recommended Players: Beginners to pro

Empire AXE Paintball Gun Marker

 Empire Axe - Thoroughly Reviewed by tenbesttipz team

This wonderful empire axe comes with a unique push-button bolt which is removal system installed. It is the key to smooth maintenance. You know better then us if you're an experienced paintball player.   When it was   first  launched on the market, it had different colours, but dust green was awesome as   now. Empire axe is the   best paintball marker for the money on the planet. It doesn't matter where   you're playing, woods or tourney   fields. There is no doubt that this paintball marker always wins the   battle. Try this gun before losing the battle. 

It's a rock-solid paintball marker for beginners to pro level players, but we recommend especially for intermediate players.

Just look at here, people how positively reviewed this super paintball gun for its high performance. We hope you'll also review this marker after experiencing it.

What makes it best:

- Rubber foregrip
- Relay much smaller with perfect size.
- The trigger is easy to remove and push.
- You can clean the eyes easily.
- Excellent built-in regulator with default 200 PSI
- Very easy to D-gas from the regulator.
- Don't need to change default velocity.
- Only gun weight 2.4 Lb.
- It has everything that you need at the reasonable price point.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

WEIGHT: 4.9 lb

COLOR: Black, Black/earth, hDE earth 

Inner body: Aluminium core

Outer BODY: GRN composite

indicator: LED

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: Beginners To Professional

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 - Thoroughly Reviewed by tenbesttipz team

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 comes with most creative design and a low price point to provide you with the real test of paintball games. It has a sturdy body which is excellent build quality. All over the world, this paintball gun is available for its honest and reliable service. It doesn't matter what the weather is; the Etha 2 is always ready to fight. As we mention in the features, the external body is made from aluminium which is aircraft grade. It has a 9v battery and no visible wire outside of the gun. There is a simple push button to change the battery.

We recommend this gun to everyone, but it is the best beginner paintball gun too. Check 9 facts below to know more.

Why you should buy Etha 2 (9 Facts)

1. User Friendliness:
- Easy to use and operate
- super easy to remove the battery.
- Lightweight
- It's pretty much fun while shooting.

2. price:
- Compared with others same quality guns, the Etha 2 has a low price point.

3. Build Quality:
- Very well and solid build quality.
- The almost entire gun made from nylon.

4. Barrel
- Etha 2 comes with a good barrel.
- The barrel is a little bit longer which is great.

5. Upgradeability
- You can upgrade anytime if needed.

6. Air efficiency
- Etha 2 more air efficiency than others gun.
- Consistent air efficiency.
- You can rely on it.

7. Shot Quality
- Etha has solid shot quality.
- Shot smoothly and feel confident in the field.

8. Reliability
- It's more reliable and effortless to carry.

9. Ergonomics
- Etha 2 feels control while shooting.

Tippmann Cronus basic

WEIGHT: 10 lb

COLOR: Tan/Black

Tank: 20 oz. Co2 Gas

Pods: 6 paintball Pods (each 140 rounds)

Mask: Anti fog cool Paintball mask. 

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: Beginners To Professional

Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus basic - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

Tippmann is most popular paintball gun brands in the world. The significant advantage of the Tippmann Cronus is that it comes with a paintball gun mega set. Including a gun, anti-fog mask, co2 gas tank, six pods each 140 rounds and hopper. The calibre size is .68. The grip is rubber moulded. It has some more impressive features that will blow your mind; those are 200 round gravity feed loader, gas line (internal), Vertical grip and solid barrel, Multiple rails, and finally in line bolt design which is proven. Its known for incredible durability and high performance as a milsim body which is high-impact composite materials.

Bullet Points
- Tippmann Cronus is least expensive paintball gun on the market.
- Extremely reliable.
- Really durable.
- Fully body made of Nylon.
- The grip is nice to hold and comfortable.
- It also has a fore grip which feels more confident while firing.
- The barrel is thin, long and easy to take off while cleaning.
- It's great as a beginner paintball gun.

Empire Mini GS Marker

WEIGHT: 3 lb

COLOR: black, black/Neon green, black/Silver, dust brown/ Dust bronze, Grey/Orange, dust red/ silver

battery: 1 9v (Included).

Barrel: one piece 

regulator: ASA and on/off lever.


Empire mini gs marker

Empire mini GS marker - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

According to the manufacturer thought Empire mini is the paintball gun legend, but we will figure out what makes it famous. GS mini is the second version of Empire GS paintball marker. The latest version of the empire mini gs marker is more accurate and well designed. It has a battle-proven engine which is mini and wrapped. There is also fore grip for protecting the engine and others parts from the paintballs. Its hassle free when removing the tank or hoppers. The fore grip and ASA will give you more strength and confidence in the paintball fields.

It's truly amazing paintball gun for the money.

Empire GS Mini Short Review:
- Very easy to clean.
- Low maintenance.
- Pretty air efficiency
- Super fast
- Smooth sound.
- Rubber foregrip which is smooth.
- The trigger is perfect and adjustable.
- Great price point.

Tippmann a5

WEIGHT: 11 lb

COLOR: Black

Caliber: 0.68

Effective range: 150 feet

Tank: 20 oz. Co2 Gas

Hopper: 200 Round

Mask: Anti fog Paintball mask. 


Tippmann A5

Tippmann A5 - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

From the beginning, Tippmann A5 took its position in the paintball world. When it was first launched on the market in 2002, the revolutionary changes happened in the paintball history. As usual, Tippmann offers multi equipment with the gun than others brands. That's why Tippman A5 comes with an anti-fog mask & goggles, 20 oz Co2 gas tank, Hopper, Harness, four extra pods, neck guard, etc.

Tippman A5 is Semi-automatic which can shoot and feed 15 paintballs per second. The trigger is super flexible. One piece barrel with total 20 inches length makes the gun more accurate. It supports all the gas power system such as HPA(Compressed air), C02.

There is no doubt about its accuracy.

Overall review on Tippmann A5:
Affordable price = High performance = Very Recommended.

Greatness of Tippmann A5:
- Lightweight Aluminum 8.5 inches barrel
- Safety button for trigger pressing.
- Looks realistic
- Last long-long time
- Durable
- Unbreakable if the mistaken dropped.

dye m2 paintball marker

WEIGHT: 4.6 lb

COLOR: backwoods hunter, white/gold, redrum - MOSair, Deep waters, etc.

Caliber: .684 & .688

charging cable : USB

included: o-rings repair kit. 

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: professional or advance

Dye m2

Dye m2 paintball gun review - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

The most talked paintball gun is Dye M2 which has numerous features that will blow your mind. And it feels unbelievable in hand. 

Before diving in the Dye M2 review check its price. It's super expensive and worth the money. If you have enough budget, then go for it without thinking twice.

Dye M2 review:

- It comes with an air sealed plastic case.
- They improved the gun case for safe storage.
- In the gun package, they will give you a customer support smart card - USB(It looks credit card).
- There is also a quick start guide but not manual(Basic instructions).
- A USB cable and adapter for gun charging.
- You can shot 10000 times just for one time charging.
- It has A rechargeable battery and A set of multi-tools.
- O-rings and others related stuff.
- One extra barrel.
- Dye M2 more comfortable than its previous version(DM 15).
- With barrel Dye M2 1.15 LB
- It has rubber on the grip.
- In the back side of the gun has an on/off button and a cool joystick.
- It's much easy to remove the gas tank than others gun.
- Rich magnetic trigger with excellent shooting capability.
- There is a super bright LED 128/128 screen.
- There is shot counter in the display.

Tippmann 98 custom

WEIGHT: 11 lb

COLOR: Black

Tank: 20 oz. Co2 Gas

Caliber: 0.68

Pods: 6 paintball Pods (each 140 rounds)

Mask: Anti fog Paintball mask. 


Tippmann 98 custom

Tippmann 98 custom review - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Paintball Marker comes with as usual mega set. Tippmann 98 is the most sold paintball gun of all time and uses all over the world. It is easy to use, reliable, high performance and can be upgraded easily. The whole body made from aluminum. They use internal components for quick upgrades and changes. The Picatinny rail makes this gun more comfortable to carry, add scope, mods, etc. They use ACT (Anti-Chop Technology) to make it more productive and not to break the paintball which is battle tested.

Why you Should buy Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series:
- Reliable.
- Durable.
- Customizable.
- Easy to clean and maintain.
- Air efficient.
- The whole body Aluminum except foregrip and hopper neck which is plastic.
- Easily removable feed neck.
- Automatic feeding hopper.
- E-trigger.
- reasonable price.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

WEIGHT: 2.17 lb

COLOR: Black/red, midnight, Embers3, LTD-Fire, LTD-Ice, Punk2, Red/ Medium grey, etc.

power source: two aA battery (rechargeable)


Two firing options: Optics sensor and Switch sensor.

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: Professional or Advanced 

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 - Thoroughly Reviewed By Tenbesttipz Team

GEO CS1 is the best paintball gun ever made by Planet Eclipse. With the combination of latest technology CS1 become more accurate and more powerful. The previous version of the Geo was the most accurate paintball gun on the market, but the newest version makes it more standard and efficient. The paintball lovers called it cool paintball guns on the planet.

This is the second most expensive paintball marker in our top 10 paintball gun list. If you're a professional player or want to participate in any tournament, then GEO CS1 is the best option for you.

What makes Geo CS1 so expensive?

- First of all, it comes with a wonderful plastic zipper case.
- There is a basic manual guide to get perfect knowledge on it.
- Two pieces well-furnished barrels.
- A set of Allen keys
- Only gun weight 2.2 lb (includes barrels)
- Adjustable feed neck.
- The magnetic trigger makes it more balanced for shooting.
- The cool feature is that you can make the custom trigger and use them efficiently.
- Accurate velocity regulator which has some advanced inner features.
- Two pieces secure grips: font and back.
- Bright LED display with the big screen.
- One solenoid circuit board.
- USB charge system.
- You can upgrade the latest software version through USB cable.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

WEIGHT: 3.6 lb

COLOR: Black, olive, dark earth.

Caliber: 0.68

magazine Capacity: 7 balls 

Air system: co2

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: Beginners to professional.

Tippmann TipX Paintball Pistol

​Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

WEIGHT: 6.1 lb

COLOR: Black, olive, dark earth.

Caliber: 0.68

magazine Capacity: 7 balls 

Air system: co2

RECOMMENDED PLAYERS: Beginners to professional.

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

Best paintball Pistol & guns Comparison Table 2018






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Empire AXE

Empire axe paintball marker

293 FPS

3.6 LBs


Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

245 FPS 

4.9 LBs


Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus Basic

300 FPS 

10 LBs


Empire mini gs marker

Empire Mini GS Marker

300 FPS 

3 LBs


Tippmann A5

Tippmann A5

300 FPS 

11 LBs


Dye m2

Dye m2 paintball marker

290 FPS 

4.6 LBs


Tippmann 98 custom

Tippmann 98 custom

350 FPS 

11 LBs


Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

285 FPS 

2.17 LBs


Tippmann TipX Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

350 FPS 

3.6 LBs


Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

350 FPS 

6.1 LBs

You may be wondering:

To be honest, it's not such a simple job to pick best paintball markers. That's why our team is here to make it easier for you! With our years of experience in this field, we have listed top 10 paintball guns from the market with latest reviews and impressive buyers rating.

What is the bottom line​?

Those are excellent quality, most accurate, heavy duty, Looks cool and much more! Don't hesitate to buy anyone from the list because of its worth the money. Below, there is a buyer's guide to getting more information.

If you're the first time buyer

Buying the best paintball gun for the first time isn't a rocket science project. In other words, it's not so simple as you thinking. Before purchasing the gun, if you read this whole article then it will be easy to buy a good paintball gun.

Sometimes people say that if you buy the right marker, then everything going to be OK. But my statement is different; it's essential to buy every single piece of equipment to get great user experience in the field. It doesn't matter whether you're beginner or professional player.

No more talk. Let's dive in:

Before dive into the in-depth analysis, check the boxes below:

first time buyers

Three Factors while buying the paintball guns:

  • Experience level
  • Preferred play style.
  • Gun price

  • What should I look to buy the best paintball guns? In a nutshell:

  • Good Quality marker.
  • Don't buy expensive guns if you're a seasonal player.
  • Don't waste your money on buying shitty paintball guns if you're professional players.
  • Never ever buy a heavy gun.
  • Choose the lightweight marker.
  • Usually, weight 5 pounds markers are useful.
  • Always buy the gun which as at least one yr warranty.
  • Check all parts carefully those come with the gun.
  • Check the below guide to get the broad idea.
  • What is the Best paintball gun for the money?

    It's a common question which often asks the paintball players.

    The answer is very simple, best gun means which play a significant role in the field and the players feel very comfortable with the shooting. Also, it's very handy, super accuracy, heavy duty, lightweight, etc.

    Fortunately, you're very lucky because all the gun in the above has sound quality as I mentioned.

    3 Types of Paintball guns

    There are three different types of paintball guns exist in the world right now. In the below, we break down each gun in a short paragraph.

    Let's see

    Pump Paintball guns

    Pump action paintball guns are now outdated. We don't recommend anyone to buy this gun right now. But it will be great to know something about this gun. This is the first paintball gun, and it's not so easy to operate as like as a shotgun. Nowadays some people love to play with this older paintball guns.

    Though it's old gun, it has some useful features. Such as it has good accuracy, very reliable, lightweight, etc.

    On the other hand, it needs more skills to get excellent user experience. By practicing regularly, you will be an expert.

    Pump Paintball Guns

    Keep in mind that pump gun doesn't shoot rapidly. To get quick firing, you have to think others paintball guns. Nowadays, you can't defeat the opposite players through this gun. 

    Want to know the best part?

    • This type of paintball guns is very cheap.
    • Don't need to worry about maintenance and equipment.
    • You can shoot smoothly.
    • It will help you to shoot accurately.
    • It's not suitable for beginner players.

    Electrical Paintball guns

    Another name of Electrical paintball gun is the electro-pneumatic gun. By using the battery it fires. There is a circuit board to control it which is programmable. The electronic gun is very easy to operate. Pressing the trigger, it sends a command  to the circuit board and then it starts firing.

    The electronic gun uses advanced technology and shoots very well that's why it is trending all over the world. You can fire more than hundreds shot at a time. 

    Electronic Paintball Guns

    In the beginning, the electric paintball gun was very costly, but nowadays there is lot company to provide the electronic paintball gun that's why it's price reasonable.

    Maintaining the Electrical paintball gun

    • It's essential to maintain the gun to get the consistent result.
    • It's a little bit complex to disassemble, but you can do this easily by reading user manuals.
    • Before cleaning the read the instructions.
    • Don't repair any parts by yourself. Always take the professional advice.
    • There is a complete guide on how to clean a paintball gun properly.
    Pros of the Electrical paintball gun
    • Compare to others electrical gun is more accurate.
    • Shoot accurately
    • More lightweight and smaller.
    • faster firing 
    • One button to start firing which is the trigger.
    • Rechargeable battery  
    • It can fire with low gas pressure.
    Downside of the Electrical paintball gun
  • High price
  • A little bit difficult to repair
  • Needs professional to upgrade or repair.
  • Only one gas option which is Compress air.
  • Before going to the field make sure battery is full of charge.

  • We highly recommend everyone to buy electrical paintball gun because of it worth the money.

    Mechanical Paintball guns

    The mechanical paintball gun is not so popular than the electrical. But people love to play with mechanical guns all over the world. Another name of this gun is semi-automatic. That means you have to pull the trigger each time for the individual shot.

    In the below, we will discuss maintenance, price, advantage, and disadvantage, etc.

    Mechanical Paintball Guns

    Maintaining the Mechanical paintball gun.

    • You have to maintain mechanical marker regularly.
    • It is very easy reliable to maintain.
    • You have to clean the gun after every playing. 
    • Use proper oil to lubricant the gun.
    • Change the O-rings if applicable.
    • It's quite simple to assemble and disassemble.
    • Changing the broken parts is pretty easy.
    • The extra parts are not so expensive and available everywhere.
    • Anybody can repair mechanical gun if needed.
    • Check the guide as I mentioned above.
    • Lower price than the Electronic marker. 
    • Most reliable and available everywhere.
    • Great gun for the beginner players.
    • Both gas option Support CO2 and HPA.
    • Don't need to be a professional to setup the marker.
    • Etc.
    • Not so fast than the electrical marker.
    • Less accurate than other markers.
    • Not so consistent.
    • Every shot isn't same speedy.
    • Different FPS
    • It requires high air pressure.
    • A little bit louder.
    • It takes more gas for each shot than the electric marker.

    Usually, we don't recommend to buy this marker but if you want you can buy this.

    paintball gun Tank

    Which Gas Do you prefer CO2 or HPA

    Paintball tank is one of the essential elements of the marker. It stores the gas such as CO2 or HPA. Mechanical and electrical paintball gun support both gas, but there is something different between these two gases. In the below; we break down each gas working system, pros, and cons.

    Using cO2 gas

    More than 50% of paintball players love to use CO2 gas in the paintball gun as a fuel. Even Sometimes they don't use HPA gas (Compressed air) in high-end marker where it's necessary. Although CO2 gas has some cons too, in the below, we have discussed some positive and negative point of the CO2 gas.

    There are two types of CO2 tank. One called disposable cartridges and another one refillable tank. Some people called them CO2 bottles. The disposable CO2 tank usually 12-gram cartridges. On the other hand, most refillable CO2 tank 20-grams and it's made from aluminum vessels.

    Pros Of Using CO2 Gas Tank
    • Most uses paintball tank.
    • CO2 tank performed very well in the field.
    • CO2 tank cheaper than HPA gas (Compressed air)
    • Refilling gas is very cheap which is less than $5.
    • You can refill them near your fire extinguisher shop.
    • Usually, players buy more than one tanks for full day shooting.
    • According to CO2 tank weight and size, it shoots more than HPA.
    • Sometimes CO2 gas can be frozen.
    • When you shoot fast, it gets colder and drops the real pressure.
    • Dropping the pressure, it losses the gun accuracy.
    • You can't get high velocity while its freezing.
    • Sometimes white smoke comes out from the barrels.
    Using HPA gas (Compressed air)

    Nowadays, HPA gas (Compressed air) popularity is growing and growing. The HPA mean is High-Pressure Air. In the beginning, it was pure nitrogen. The air pressure regulated by a regulator.The maximum and minimum output of the regulator is 850psi and 450psi.

    Usually, the inner pressure of the tank around 3000 to 4500 psi. There are a bunch number of pros and a little bit cons of HPA gas. Let's see below.

    • The air pressure is very consistent.
    • It doesn't matter the weather is cold or hot.
    • Consistent pressure will increase your accuracy.
    • Now electronic paintball marker only uses HPA gas.
    • No smoke comes out from the barrel while shooting.

    We highly recommend everyone to buy HPA gas tank. It upgrades your marker next level!

    • The tank is pretty big than a CO2 tank.
    • You can't refill the tank every local fire extinguisher center.
    • You have to go to pro paintball shop to refill.
    • Its little bit costly but worth it.

    Without the perfect tank, you can't say that this is the perfect paintball gun.

    Paintball gun barrels

    The barrel is one of the vital parts of a paintball gun. It plays an important role while you're playing. If your barrel isn't good quality, then it will definitely affect your shooting accuracy. While you're choosing the barrel, you have to keep in mind few things. Such as Design, Threading, Length, Porting, Diameter, Material, etc.

    Typically, the barrel comes with the gun, but you can change the barrel at any time. Today we will break down different types of barrels. See below.

    Why Paintball Barrel Important?

    • check
      Paintball Barrel keep the gun straight.
    • check
      Proper barrel hit the target with speedy.
    • check
      A good barrel will increase your shooting accuracy.
    The advantage of Aluminium Barrel:

    -- Aluminum barrel is very lightweight.
    -- Low price point.
    -- They are super durable.
    -- Typically, there is no record to break the aluminum barrel.
    -- Aluminum barrels are available everywhere (Online/offline shop).
    -- Sometimes it bends, this is the only drawback of the aluminum barrel.

    Aluminum paintball barrel

    Pros of Ceramic Barrel:

    -- Ceramic barrel is famous for its lighter weight.
    -- Affordable rate.
    -- Anybody can clean the barrel.
    -- It has the self-cleaning technology.
    -- It's pretty durable and very quiet.
    -- Extremely accurate barrel.
    -- Barrels little bit narrow to increase accuracy.

    ceramic paintball barrel
    Stainless steel paintball barrels:

    -- A majority percentage of players don't use SS Barrels.
    -- Because it's a little bit heavy.
    -- But its incredibly durable.
    -- We don't recommend stainless steel barrels for scenario games.
    -- Low cost compared with others barrels
    -- Some company provides these type of barrel with the gun.
    -- However, it's stronger than others barrels.

    Stainless Steel paintball barrel
    Carbon Fiber paintball barrels:

    -- Carbon fiber is very very lightweight.
    -- Long-lasting barrel.
    -- Super strong.
    -- Very easy to clean.
    -- The price is high but worth it.
    -- Stiffi is the king of manufacturing carbon fiber barrel company.

    carbon fiber paintball barrel
    Titanium paintball barrels:

    -- More lightweight.
    -- More strong.
    -- Rare in the market for the high rate.
    -- Costly but nobody complains yet about quality.
    -- There is no doubt about durability and accuracy.
    -- Titanium Barrels can handle all type of paintball gun and games.
    -- If you're professional, then don't think twice to buy it.

    Titanium paintball barrel
    Buying the proper paintball hopper.

    Many people deny the quality of hopper. They think that it doesn't affect while playing, but this is not true. To get quick paintballs falling into the gun, you have to buy right paintball hopper. Everyone knows that hopper keeps the paintballs. Keep in mind that good paintball guns have the best hopper too.

    As you know, this is the short and complete paintball guns buying guide, so it is difficult to describe all the information in an article. However, we try to gather all the information in this article in a nutshell.

    paintball hoppers

    There Are Different Types Of paintball Hopper In The Market Right Now

    Beginners Paintball Hopper.

    • Gravity-feed hoppers
    • Electronic hoppers

    Pro Paintball Hopper.

    • Cyclone paintball hopper
    • Sound paintball Hopper
    • Eye Paintball Hopper
    keep in mind while buying the hoppers
    • At first, buy those hoppers that fit with your guns.
    • Then, define yourself who you are? (pro or beginners)
    • Buy any hoppers according to your experience level.
    • plus
      Don't waste money on buying high-end hopper if you're beginners.
    • plus
      Always check the hoppers durability and reliability.
    • plus
      Check the hopper capacity.
    • plus
      Minimum capacity 100 balls.
    • plus
      Maximum capacity 200 balls.
    • plus
      Don't buy weighty hopper.
    • plus
      By using bulky hoppers, you will lose paintball gun balance, So, avoid heavy hoppers.
    Keynotes to remember:
    • Weight: manufacturer company tries to make the lighter hopper, but you don't forget to check the weight because you will face the real problem in the field.
    • Hopper Capacity: we have already mentioned in the above that max capacity 200 balls and min 100 balls. Some people will recommend you to buy 50 paintballs hopper but don't trust them. Millions of paintball players love to buy more than 100 balls hoppers.
    • Guns recommended Hopper: You may agree with me, it's very annoying to buy hoppers that don't match with your gun. By the way, after matching the hoppers pick the good-looking color one. Color doesn't play any role in the field, but we love to do anything colorful 😊.
    • Guarantee: Nobody wants to make any mistake intentionally. But somehow, If your hopper doesn't work for manufacturer defect, then it is wise to buy warranty paintball hopper.
    • Cost: Different hopper has the different price point. Try to make any purchase with great value.
    Avoid Poor Quality Paintball Guns & Gears

    You know every cheap goods has some demerits, whatever it is sports products or household. Some poor company tries to make inferior products to save money. On the other hand, some people always try to make any purchase with cheap rate. So, it is terrible for the cheap buyers😂.

    It is so terrible when it comes to buying paintball guns & gears with cheap rate. But you'll agree with me that all the cheap things aren't bad. Usually, we don't suggest anyone buying low or high-value, we recommend best one

    By the way, don't buy any cheap paintball guns or equipment without previous buyers experiences, if your budget is low.

    It's time to solve some questions

    Sometimes beginner or professional paintball players want to know more about paintball gun, and they always search few questions on google. That's why we answered some questions, and these questions are beneficial too. 

    1. How much is a paintball gun?

    It is very common and confusing question ever. Nobody can't tell you exactly how much a paintball gun. There are different types of paintball gun right now. But price starts from 100 to 2000 bucks. I'm not talking about most expensive paintball gun. Between these two price point, you can play all form of paintball games (fun game or competition or tournament, etc.).

    In short, fix your budget and talk with the experienced player according to your needs. That's it.

    2. What is the best brand for a paintball gun?

    There are a lot of paintball gun Brand in the world. Among of them, some are good, and some are bad. But we only enlisted good paintball guns brands.

    • Dye Precision.
    • arrow-right
      Planet Eclipse.
    • arrow-right
    • arrow-right
      Planet Eclipse.
    • arrow-right
    • arrow-right
    • arrow-right
      First Strike/Tiberius Arms.
    • arrow-right
      Pinokio Hoppers.
    • arrow-right
      Ninja Paintball.
    • arrow-right

    3. How much PSI does it take to shoot a paintball?

    This is a general question but good to know. The different gun has different PSI for proper shooting. Let's see below:

    • Dye paintball gun PSI :
      2500 psi = 290 fps.
      1500 psi = 287 fps
      200 psi = 265

    4. How fast is a paintball gun shoot?

    Different paintball gun has different speed. Feet per second or fps is the method of measuring paintball gun speed. Maximum paintball gun uses this method to measure velocity.

    Usually, almost paintball marker's velocity 300 fps, but sometimes this speed up and down. 280 fps is the safest speed of a paintball gun. 280 fps is enough to shoot 80 to 100 feet distance.

    300 fps is the fastest and the safest paintball gun speed. But some gun has 400 fps which is very fast and dangerous.

    5. Which should I play Woodsball or Speedball?

    My recommendation is to play both styles (Woodsball or Speedball). These two as like as a coin. Two different sides but same coin.

    There are particular tactics for every game. However, the almost rules and regulations are same for both.

    Always try to learn something new and implement them while playing. Don't forget to have fun.

    6. Do you need a license to own a paintball gun?

    This is very formal and important query. The almost US state allows you to buy, sell or keep paintball gun without govt permission. As well as Canada, UK also permit you to keep paintball guns.

    But Australia is different. The Australian govt treat it as a firearm. So, if you're from Australia, then you have to take permission from your local police authority. 

    7. What is the world's most expensive paintball gun?

    The world's most expensive paintball gun price is $5001😃. The name of paintball giant is Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Planet Eclipse Ego 9.

    Its little bit old but still expensive all over the world.

    8. Is paintball paint washable?

    Yes of course. I have already mentioned in the above. In previous, it wasn't washable, but now all the paintballs paint washable.

    9. Is it better to rent or buy your paintball equipment?

    Buying or renting paintball guns and gears is a newbie question.
    At first, discover yourself who you are? Do you want to play paintball games for fun or seriously? There are a lot of advantages for both options (buy or rent).

    Benefits of Renting paintball guns & gears:
    When it comes to renting, this is the best option for you if you're a new player or play for fun. Usually, the paintball guns are costly which is around 200 to 2000 bucks. But you can rent them from $15-30 with the latest upgrade. Keep in mind that while you're playing make sure that it's okay.

    The most important of renting paintball gun is that you don't need to maintain or clean it.

    Pros of buying paintball equipment:
    Many people in the world who hate to rent anything. It's called perfection. When its come to purchase paintball equipment, then it is a little bit annoying for them.

    Leave it!

    Sometimes rental paintball gun doesn't work well in the field because they aren't maintained and clean appropriately by the owner. To get accurate shooting experience then you have to buy a gun. You can upgrade or modify your gun when need. Read more

    In this article (best paintball guns and buyer's guide), If anything misleading, Misguided, wrong information or anything can be improved, then please don't hesitate to leave any comments in the below. Thanks.

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