How to Use pepper spray

Many people in the world feel threatened and there are many reasons for that. Some of those people live in some dangerous neighborhoods; some of them are afraid because of thieves, robbers, and burglars; some live alone and are looking for some extra protection and safety; some are afraid to walk home alone during the evening; some have experienced me unfortunate event recently and are afraid not to become victims again.

How to Use pepper spray

Pepper sprays are considered as a tool that will help you distract the potential person, who wants to harm you in some way so that you could run away from the dangerous situation.

Self – defense is considered as a natural human instinct which appears whenever we feel that we are in trouble or in some potential dangerous situation.

A lot of people carry a pepper spray with them because they feel safer that way. There are different types of sprays, but in fact, they are all made for the same goal – to feel safe and to distract the possible attacker and escape from that situation. Even though many people carry a pepper spray with them, a lot of them have never used it before or they do not know how to use it. In this article, we offer 5 simple tips how to use your pepper spray.

5 Simple Steps How to use Pepper Spray

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The first and maybe the most important thing is to carry the pepper spray with you, but in a place where it can be easily drawn in case of an emergency. Make sure you keep the spray in a spot where it cannot fall out by accident.

There are some pepper spray brands that sell a carrying case together with the pepper spray. When you are at home, you should practice taking out the spray as soon as possible from the carrying case, from your pocket, or from the place you keep the pepper spray.

Pocket pepper Spray

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There are some pepper sprays that have some safety mechanisms. When you buy the spray, make sure whether the pepper spray you have chosen has some safety mechanism included. If you want to practice at home how to use a pepper spray properly, keep in mind the safety mechanism is there and have a substitute for it. Check the best pepper spray on the market. 

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Pepper spray

Using the pepper spray does not mean just to hold the spray in front of your attacker. Make sure you have the self-defense posture. This posture refers to bending your knees a bit and your feet are more than shoulder width apart. Take one step back in order to create distance and to reduce your profile so that the attacker will find it more difficult to attack you. When using the pepper spray, do not push your arm that far so that it will not be fully extended.

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The pepper spray causes face irritation. When using the pepper spray in an emergency, look at the attacker’s face and make sure you hold the spray in a line with your eyes. Do not try the spray on your face at home. Also, make sure you do not close your eyes in this situation. Usually, when people find themselves in these types of situations they close their eyes. Closing your eyes will not save you from any sprays or other chemicals the attacker may use.

Pepper spray at face

​5. Step

Running sign

If you have an opportunity to use the pepper spray on an attacker, you should run as fast as you can. Before running away, you may have to hit the attacker because it takes some time until the pepper spray begins working. Also, keep in mind that maybe a small amount of the pepper spray may be transmitted to your face since it can be blown by the wind.


If you carry a pepper spray for a longer period and you have not used it yet, make sure you check the inspiration date. Change your spray earlier; do not wait until the inspiration date because you never know when you may need it.

There are some places where it is not allowed to carry a pepper spray with you so inform yourself in order to avoid inconveniences. In case your eyes got affected by the pepper spray, immediately flush your eyes with cool water. Take off the contacts in your eyes and do not use them again. If your skin was exposed to the pepper spray apply some whole milk on your skin in order to take the burn away and wash the oil from your skin using soapy water.

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