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etha 2 review

Planet Eclipse is well known for making high-quality paintball guns and the Etha 2 is no different. This gun is actually the second generation in the Etha series and just like the evolution in the ETEK series, this gun has advanced to become a high performance yet affordable marker that is good enough to handle modern paintballs and fire with more accuracy.    

This accuracy is enhanced by its light body construction, which drastically improves its handling to make it easy to control, aim and shoot. With this in mind, below is a close up look at the features of Planet Eclipse’s Etha 2.        

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review 2019

As compared to the original Etha, the Etha 2 is powered by a Gamma Core drivetrain that is designed to function normally even in the harshest of weather conditions. This means that you can comfortably use the marker during winter, where the original Etha did not do very well.       

The drivetrain performance is enhanced by a spring return bolt system, which incorporates the use of a dual-stage acceleration that starts the firing process at a lower speed through the barrel then gradually increases it before firing the shot.       

This results in a smoother handling of the paintballs, which is really good considering that modern paintballs are very soft and fragile.      

For the air supply, a hose less air transfer system is used and it has several benefits. For starters, it reduces the chances of leakages because the gas canister is connected directly to the pressure regulator, which is located on the gun’s grip.      

This hoseless system also eliminates the “clutter” that interferes with your grip on both the main and foregrip and thus, it makes it more ergonomic to use.      

A POPS ASA assembly makes it really easy to disconnect the empty pressurized gas tank and insert a new one. This is made possible by an on/off switch that simplifies the task of detaching and reattaching the tank, which is very convenient.    

Other features include nylon outer body construction and aircraft-grade aluminum internal components construction for strength and durability purposes. Also, an ambidextrous LED status indicator is included for showing whether you have run out of paintballs.      

Etha 2 grips

The grips found in this marker form part of the nylon body and thus, they are very durable. Some people though, find them to be too hard and tough to the point that they don’t feel ergonomic and comfortable to hold.      

However, this should not worry you. The grips can be easily removed without requiring any tools and upgraded to rubber ones, although these are very hard to get. Alternatively, you can improvise by wearing rubber gloves so as to get a better hold of the gun.

Etha 2 upgrades

The Etha 2’s stock parts are not necessarily the best for extreme performance, but most of them are upgradeable at a cost. This range from the barrel, grips, and triggers among many others. The best and easiest thing to do would be to use an EMC kit to upgrade all the parts of you are all about extreme performance.        

Etha 2 manual

In looking at this gun’s manual, we will consider its setup process and this is shown below:  

  • Make sure the Etha 2 is switched off.
  • Screw the ends of the barrels together.
  • Attach the complete barrel to the marker.
  • Attach the barrel blocking device and ensure that the gun is not gassed. For this, use the POPS button and switch.
  • Install the preset air system and loader, then secure the loader using the feed neck.  
Gas the marker and finally, power it on and test if everything works.

The closest marker that resembles the Etha 2 in terms of features is Planet Eclipse’s Gtek. Both of them have a Gamma Core drivetrain and basically the same body design.

However, the Gtek features dual-density rubber grips as stock and this makes it way better in terms of handling. It also has a slot for including an OLED display as an upgrade for easy monitoring of the statistics. On the downside, the Gtek’s air supply system features a hose that runs from the main grip to the foregrip. This setup increases the chances of leakage occurrence while also interfering with the marker’s handling. This makes it less superior than the Etha 2 when you consider it from this angle.


Considering its price, Etha 2’s performance in terms of accuracy as well as creative design in internal engineering makes it a superior entry level marker for beginners in paintballing.

Additionally, its durable tough skin and internal firing mechanism makes it usable in the harshest of weather conditions and thus, the combination of these benefits make it an ideal choice for use in almost all types of fields by all kinds of paintball users.

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