What to wear to Play Paintball – Everything in a Table.

What to wear for Paintballing

Every first-time paintball player ask the senior or professional what they will wear for paintballing? 

Before going to the topic, I would like to say:

It is not necessary to buy stuff before you play paintball game for the first time. There are a lot of equipment such as a mask, marker, paintballs, hopper, tanks, etc. But the good news is that you can get all the equipment on every paintball fields as a rent.

Now, You can ask me what I should bring to the paintball field to play paintball games?


Before starting the article, I would like to tell you in a nutshell that what you need to wear for playing paintball game.

                   - Wear Long Sleeves
                   - Sweatshirt
                   - Long Pants.
                   - Sweatpants
                   - Dark colors Clothes
                   - Weather Clothes (Multi Layers)
                   - Avoid Shorts
                   - Dress for the weather
                   - Bring A Hat
                   - Goggles
                   - Gloves
                   - Shoes for the uneven terrain
                   - Extra Clothes

1. Dress for the weather!

Almost paintball fields are outside of the city, and the weather also different. That's why it is most important to wear anti-weather clothes and make sure those are comfortable. The clothes help you not to become cold or hot. In the paintball field always you have to run that's why you should wear layers. Whenever you become hot, you can remove them quickly.

2. Do not Wear Short Clothes.

You have to wear long sleeves and not to wear shorts clothes. One of the great removable layers is hoodies. If you're playing in the cold weather, then don't forget to bring a hoodie which is an excellent removable layer clothe. Gray or black color dress is very suitable to wear. The colorful dress looks so dirty in the field while you're playing so bring some dark color clothes that you won't mind becoming muddy.

The paint is washable, but grass & dust made a permanent spot on the dress. So dark clothes are handy. Don't think about losing your expensive clothes because paintball game is just for fun.

3. Wearing A Cap or Beanie 

It is wise to bring a cap whatever it is a baseball cap or beanie. It depends on the weather if it is hot then wear a cap to stay cool. On the other hand, if it is cold then bring a beanie to warm your head.

Wearing A Cap or Beanie

4. Wearing Shoes

Always try to wear comfortable and soft shoes because you have to run the whole field while you're playing. If you can't run through your boots, then it will be a sensitive situation and very annoying. You have to buy heavy duty sports or running shoes. You can also use hiking shoes but keep in mind that the shoes must be comfortable.

Wearing Shoes

5. Gloves

It is not so essential to wear gloves, but it makes your hand more comfortable and confident. Make sure that your gloves aren't too thick. By using thick gloves, you can't press the trigger correctly. So, bring a pair of gloves that aren't thick to hold the gun.

paintball gloves

6. Goggles 

Goggles are one of the important gear in the paintball games. Regular and irregular players use it to save their face and eyes. In fact, it is necessary to use for everyone whatever you're beginner or professional. Nowadays, there are lots of advance paintball goggles on the market. Some masks are an anti-fog shield which is an excellent option to continue playing. There are a different type, style, size, shape of paintball mask out there.

best paintball mask

What to wear to play paintball - a Short video

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